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Happy Canada Day Beer Lovers!

This is a tribute to the beer lovers Uptown engaging in the festivities this weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out so everyone can enjoy their weekend in the outdoors in this beautiful part of the country.

A bit about the history of beer in Canada: 

We have had a long journey to get where we are today. Some of the earliest beer producers in the country are still around crafting beer for thirsty Canadians. Some to mention are Labatts, Molson and Moosehead. These producers were early settlers in this country and spread themselves out as people settled in to their new homes coming from afar. To say Canada is a melting pot still holds true today, however the style of beer has remained fairly one dimensional.

Although through the years there have been several variations of beer offered, for the most part lagers have been a large part of Canadian, and North American beer culture. This is true to Uptown as well. Happily we have some of the best lagers being brewed on the west side of town at Moosehead!

Lagers are originally an Eastern European style of beer originating from Germany and the Czech Republic. These styles are usually associated with being lighter in colour and taste, easy to drink and get a good share of the market in the summer time. The difference comes in the brewing process - mainly the yeast that turn the sugars into alcohol at a lower temperature.

Lagers go well in Canada as we have a similar climate for producing the proper ingredients, overall the beer is pleasing to the masses and it is very refreshing.. There are several variations of lager style beers that allow producers to modify ingredients to make a beer suit their customers. We will do a blog later about the different types, but let just say there are a good variety to choose from.

So wrapping this up, what have we learned over the past 150 years in Canadian Beer, and where are we heading?  

Let's consider where the market is beginning to shift. Craft beer is making a comeback and people are beginning to experiment with different styles of lagers and ales of all sorts. This does not mean the demise of the lager, as this style has been around for centuries. Producers making these fine lagers will always have a place in the market, as they are generally pleasing to drink any time of the year.

We are probably headed down a path of true adventure for beer. Many of the first immigrants producing beer in this country began much like the craft producers that are popping up all over the place. Small, passionate, adventurous, and sometime risk taking, these craft brewers are beginning a renaissance in the beer market. One thing to look forward to is the varieties that will become available, and to see the twists on the old classics.  In the end we will likely come out with a beer that Canadians can really call their own, developed for tastebuds of our diverse population that can be enjoyed all seasons and by everyone in this beautiful country.    

Cheers Canada! 


Once again, thanks for reading!  From this point forward we will begin leaving a short list of some beer to try. Here are the categories:

1. Beer to Drink Now!  - What you should drink right now! (Pretty self explanatory)

2. Gateway Beer! - Beer that will turn you into a  beer lover, if you have not become one yet.

3. Most Crowd Pleasing! - Best all around beer that you can get right now (we ask this on our tours).

4. Most Adventurous!  - Strangest brew for those seeking something different, not always good, but props to the companies that are not afraid to put out unique beer! Good luck finding some of these as they may not be around for long! (Also find this out on tours).


Here is the short list:

1. Beer to Drink Now! -  Moosehead Lagers! - Celebrate Canada, support your local economy and friends at Moosehead, who are also celebrating a 150th anniversary with some unique anniversary beers, stubby bottles and who now offer brewery tours again!!!! (Golden Dog will be going very soon! - stay tuned) 

2. Gateway Beer: - Simeon Jones, Picaroons - This beer is so well balanced. Nothing is overpowering, but it offers enough flavour to leave you intrigued. So you have another. It is very modest and almost unassuming but quickly will grow into a favourite if you are just getting familiar with beer.

3. Most Crowd Pleasing - Hand Plant, Tide & Boar - An IPA that is not overly hoppy tasting and very smooth. May not be the favourite of IPA lovers, but still holds up amongst other brews. Most people will be able to enjoy this, especially as the weather warms up, it is very refreshing and could get you trying other IPAs in the future.

4. Most Adventurous!  - Pink Dwarf, Loyalist City - A soured Berliner, which has the most amazing pink colour you will ever see in a beer. Not just a novelty, but a great sour tasting beer as well. Go find one, even for a sample if this is not your usual drink style. 

See you on the streets! 

Derek Dygos