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Starting a Beer Business

Hey Friends!

Thanks for all your support and feedback over the last month as we began our offical journey into the beer business. Although we are not making beer, or producing a tangible product (yet), there are certainly ups and downs to beginning a business which revolves around beer in the service and tourism market.

First of all, this has been easy for the most part...lots of work, but honestly everyone has been supportive and more than willing to deal with us along the way. We like to see Golden Dog Beer Tours as a means to bring people together, shut off their phones and become friends. Not really a hard thing to get behind...especially when you throw amazing beer in the mix!

Here is a bit more about our business. From here on in we will be discussing beer only, but we have had many people asking about how business is, and how things are going in general.

Our first offical tour kicked off June 22nd, about a month behind schedule, but we're OK with that because as we started we needed to learn some things along the way. At this point we kept things quiet as we did not want to put ourselves out there and not be able to provide a great experience. We ran some trial tours and our information got put online prior to us really being ready to handle anything (our fault). We had some bookings immediately and from there have been busy bringing great people to great beer. 

Happily there is tremendous support in Saint John, and we have had no trouble with assistance in marketing, getting local businesses to support our tours, or just sitting down for a beer with someone who loves beer and wants to talk! We support local all the way...which in turn creates great realationships that pass the word around about our business. Sooooo.... things have been great! Beer has been amazing and there is huge support from locals and tourists seeking out the coolest brews in the Maritimes. Last but not least our crew toured the Moosehead brewery. Amazing!!! We learned so much and stepped right into the heart and soul of this Saint John landmark. We will continue to learn about beer so we can provide our friends with knowledge about beer.

Once again, thanks for reading! Here it is....our shortlist of beer Uptown!

1. Beer to Drink Now!  - Stonehammer Saison, Loyalist City - A good saison, with some intersting character, great with lunch on the patio for this warm stretch we`ve had!

2. Gateway Beer! - Therapy Session IPA, Big Axe - This is a great IPA for non-IPA lovers or for someone who is not in to the craft scene but can be convinced. It is smooth and not harsh or bitter as the name suggests it is theraputic and puts you at ease. Get some!

3. Most Crowd Pleasing! - Gammie California Steam Ale, Hammond River Brewing - Clean, smooth and refreshing this time of year. Been around for a while, plus is soon to be available in bottles. Try it on tap and compare! Really great for anyone! It has something for everyone`s taste.

4. Most Adventurous!  - Another sour...Silver Tart, Big Spruce  - sour, named after an airplane...rich in history and raspberries...one of a kind! ...Big Spruce brews are sold out in most of NS...great for them! Find them in NB as often as you can!!! Explore this beer!

Thanks again for following us! See you on the streets! Stay tuned for our 4 part series on beer ingredients! Come on a tour for more information and amazing beer! Cheers!!!!



Derek Dygos