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New Year, New Beer?

Welcome to 2108! It is bound to be an excellent year for brews in Saint John. Local breweries are continuously improving and experiementing with new styles and ingredients. We are looking forward to new beer this year. 

Looking back 2017 was also great. Great styles emerged in the city that no one would have expected. Sours and milk beers really grew in popularity uptown this season and pubs had trouble meeting local demand. IPAs still remained hot and classic Pale Ales were brewed extremely well in the area.

So what are we looking forward to this upcoming year? 

1. MORE LOCAL INTEGRATION - More brewers using more locally based ingredients. It has been proven again and again that this helps to build communities and is good business.  Consumers also love buying local things, especially if it is a great beer. You can certainly taste the quality of something that was produced locally; it tastes more fresh, flavours are more present and most of the time the people selling it know more about it. Win, win, win!

2. MORE LOCAL FLAVOURS - We are seeing some of this already. Brewers are beginning to use local ingredients that are unique to the region. For example: sumac, juniper, alderberries and blueberries making up some of the ingredients. These styles are somewhat limited to things like sours, lambics or fruit beer, but there are also small amounts that can be inserted in to stouts, IPAs, and basically everything. Admittedly these styles are not always good for a drinking session, but always cool to try a taster.

3. DEEP CUTS - WIth this we are referring to the one of a kind, small batches that some breweries are beginning to experiment with. Often these beers are great for aging and great for a special occasion or  a gift (for us)!. There are several of these appearing now on the shelves of local liquor stores check them out or throw them in the cellar for next year. Aging really makes some beer better, but remember to buy high % ABV beers. If you get a papery taste, you've over aged.

4. BEER KNOWLEDGE- This is really the reason we do beer tours. We want to teach others about beer. Everyone is becoming more knowledgeable about beer. We get more in depth questions and the thirst for beer and knowledge is growing. This is great for everyone and will keep brewers putting out excellent products. 

We hope to see everyone on the streets in the new year, we will still be touring this winter even as the temperature dips, so come join us and start warm!

Cheers Friends! 

Derek Dygos