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Hello again! Thanks for staying patient as we have been on a bit of a backlog with keeping thirsty customers happy.  

If you have read anything about good blogging standards we have failed! But here is the excuse! The beer culture in Saint John has been changing very quickly and we have been on the streets trying to keep up. Here are a few things that have happened in Saint John.

1. Moosehead Small Batch has opened and is making some old classics along with some new local favourites. This is a great addition to the west side and will certainly make an impact on local beer culture. They have been having trouble keeping their Crowlers in stock, which is a good thing!

2. Gahan House Port City has opened their barrel room! This connects the restaurant completely from Prince William Street to Water Street. Oh, and they have the first patio ever on Water Street, which is bound to draw in some traffic. We are not sure of what beer they will be barreling, but we will certainly be there when they tap them to try. 

3. Summer came early for beer. This has little to do with the weather. Summer beer styles hit before the nice weather. Things like session IPAs, gose and lighter beers began selling well early in June as we were still in the rain and cold. People were ready for the summer! Now we are looking at a possible early shortage of these style as brewers begin to shift to fall/winter styles. 

4. If you follow on Instagram, this is a larger discussion of the post we made about trendy sour beer. We have been talking about sours for a while and how Saint John has become a unique market for this style. Not really interesting on the surface..."So what? People like sours in Saint John?!"

Here's the thing! Being tucked in the corner of the Bay of Fundy; Saint John is not particularly known for being a city early to adapt to trendy things like fashion, music, food, or change. This is what gives Saint John the charm and character it has long withheld! 

BUT! If you look at the culture around beer...especially with the trend in sours, this is where craft beer makers are predicting the trend to go. IPAs for a long time have been "all the rage", but sours are becoming a certain stylish type. In Saint John this style is alive and well and kegs are selling out in hours on local taps.

So back to business! Thanks for following us! We have some exciting things in the works which are going to focus more in the upcoming months. Look for this to come in the fall!

Cheers Friends!!!! 

Derek Dygos