What to Expect

What to expect + FAQs


Here are some common things to expect on the tour...


You buy the ticket from us and we do the work to make sure you are getting to the best beer.  We will meet at 1 location and move to others along the way trying different beer and food. Your ticket will include everything that is served along the way. There is no additional charge at the stops. You get to enjoy and relax.


Beer is the star of the show. You will be served several samples of different varieties along the way. You will learn about beer. You will try beer you've never tried before. You will eat food that goes with beer. The focus is on local, fresh, unique, forward thinking brews. You will be amazed at the selection right here in our little corner of the Maritimes.


Food was selected to pair with the beer we will be consuming. Expect the following types of things: cheeses, vegetables, sliced meats, seafood, chips and dips, and more...we will rotate our food selection now and again to ensure it is seasonal. We like to stick with local themed ingredients.


In general, walking will only take us from place to place as we have beer to sample at the stops, which is important work! This is not a walking tour of the city, so we will stick to the route we need, however we will be in the core of the Uptown so we will see some of the key points of interest along the way and talk about them. There are several areas for great photos, inside and outside of the stops. Keep in mind Saint John is a hilly place, so wear some comfortable shoes to walk in. Walking will not be strenuous, we will mainly be walking downhill.


The tour will last 2.5 - 4 hours, depending on which one you booked. We are on a schedule, so please be on time and check in so we can begin. The tour begins promoptly when it says. The guide will end the tour when complete. After that you can stay and hang out or move along with your plans.


We need to verify that you are of legal drinking age so you will need to have your ID showing you are 19 years or older. We also use this to verify you are the ticket holder.

Be sure to dress for the weather, Saint John is along the coast, and even on warm days a light jacket may come in handy. Bring a camera if you wish as there will be lots of opporunities to get pictures with friends and of some of the sights along the way. Other than that you will not need to bring anything. 


There will be several other things you can buy along the way, but it will not be included in the tour price. Any beer you choose to sample outside of what is served on the tour is not part of the ticket price. Our suggestion is that you make note and return there once the tour has completed.


It is highly recommended that you plan this ahead of time as you will have had several beer by the end of the tour. Do not drink and drive. There are several options to get to and from the tour. It is up to you to arrange for transport before and after. There are several areas to park Uptown (mostly paid) and places you can leave your car overnight if needed. We can always provide numbers for taxis if needed.


Tipping is a custom in New Brunswick, however it is not necessary. If you feel someone did an excellent job tipping is welcomed by guides and servers, but again it is not necessary.


    • Legally yes. The purpose of the tour is not to get really drunk, but to enjoy the beer we are sampling, however there will be enough beer to put nearly anyone over the legal limit.
      • Again we would like to emphasize planning for transportation!
    • Food will be served in samples, and in many cases shared with the group of people that are attending. If you are hungry before we suggest you get something to eat. There will be no meals served, as beer is the focus. That being said there should be something everyone can enjoy along the way.
    • The food served is of high quality and unique to each stop. The purpose of the food is to keep people's tastebuds fresh and to keep something in your belly while sampling.
    • The food is really an amazing part of the tour as well. We have worked with each stop to give us something unique and local that will impress our guests.
  • WHAT IF I DON'T DRINK ALL MY BEER (because I don't like it, or just get chatting with friends)?
    • There is no rush to drink and we will have plenty of time at each stop to appreciate the samples provided. You do not have to drink all the beer.
    • We will sample a large variety and frankly there will be a few beer that probably do not suit your taste. This is part of the experience.  Likely what will happen is you will begin experimenting and find that you like certain things about beer you never thought you would try.
    • We do our best to comply with dietary restrictions however there may be some of the food options that do not work.
    • Please let us know of any restrictions beforehand and we will attempt to accomodate before the tour begins.
    • GLUTEN FREE - this is very hard thing for a beer tour to work around as beer is mainly made of barley, wheat or gluten containing ingredients. There is such a thing as gluten free beer, however the process of taking out the gluten from beer really leaves an undesireable brew in most cases. Most places have cider available and we can substitute, however there are usually limited selections, so you may not get as much to sample. Please let us know when you book the ticket.
    • You will be with a guide the entire time as well as whoever else purchase a ticket to go.
    • If you wish to do a private tour we can arrange for that and you can reserve a specific time even outside of the times listed on the booking page. Contact us for this option.
    • If you show up a few minutes late the tour guide can bring you up to speed on things, however you may miss out on some important things.
    • You are free to leave the tour at any point along the way, however this will not warrant a refund as every place we go will have arranged to have you there as well.
    • If you miss the entire the stop please see the staff when you arrive and they can point you in the direction of the tour to catch up.
    • Please see the policies regarding information on any of these scenarios.
  • CAN I BRING MY DOG!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    • Unfortunately no :(
    • We obviously love dogs but they will not be able to join us on this adventure as we will be going inside the establishments where food is served. This is a health code violation in New Brunswick. 
    • Make note of the places we stop, many have dog friendly patios and love to see people stop in with their dogs. 
    • Some of your questions may be contained in the Policy section of the website.
    • Please email us or call or fill out the form on the website so we can answer of your other questions.